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Six saucy ways to tempt the American palate

While ketchup and mustard have been the go-to condiments for years, Americans are now turning toward those of other countries to pump up plates of food. “Condiments and sauces are the fashion accessory of the culinary world,” says Kimberly Egan, CEO of the Center for Culinary Development. ‘They are a necessary part of the ensemble as diners seek enhanced food experiences and more global flavors.”

Consumer Trends

Barbeque goes upscale

Casual and quickservice concepts first marketed BBQ’s essence merely using the sauce (Chipotle BBQ sauce for those fries?). Now other nuances of barbeque are infiltrating restaurant chains to include side dishes, smoking techniques and even marinades.

This week’s ideas feature crazy people, Casey Anthony, good labor practices and McDonald’s culinary guru Dan Coudreaut. Plus a couple of really bad ideas (hint: one involves punching a mother in the face).

Cured meats—often referred to as salume and charcuterie—create a cost-effective way to deliciously transform scraps. They also pair well with micro-brewed beers and can be used as star components in a myriad of other dishes.

I always approach the aisles of the National Restaurant Show with a plan: hit my favorite coffee places first for a cup of extra-bold java or a latte, then snack on samples of bacon, cheese and bread so I can have “breakfast” before the big graze begins. This year started out the same, as I walked the floor at Chicago’s massive McCormick Place, but I soon got caught up in a feeding frenzy, elbowed by the thousands of attendees all vying to taste the latest and greatest of 2011.

The Manhattan Cocktail Classic kicked off with its 2011 gala. An estimated 3,000 revelers in cocktail party garb—none of whom seemed like sober scholars—traversed the four floors, sampling handcrafted cocktails at 100 stations manned by the industry’s master mixologists.

CHICAGO (July 15, 2010 - Business Wire)—Based on a model developed in the 1960s by researcher Everett Rogers, Technomic hasfound that consumers who are...

ROSEMONT, IL (July 13, 2010 - PRNewswire)—U.S. Foodservice,one of the nation's largest food distributors, is gearing up for the grilling season by...

Coffee and tea are served year-round, but come winter, operators start filling mugs with more inventive hot beverages. And cocoa is gaining steam.

It’s that time of year to welcome customers with libations that will warm the spirit—and the body. Several of these beverages are inspired by favorites from other parts of the world.