Chipotle Mexican Grill


Chipotle has its best summer sales day ever

Digital orders surge nearly 60% thanks to a free guacamole offer.


Chipotle closes an Ohio restaurant amid food scare

The company’s stock fell 7% after people reported getting sick at a location in a Columbus suburb. The restaurant was set to reopen Tuesday.

But traffic is down as the company works on efforts to lure more customers.

The company’s stock fell on Tuesday after an analyst downgrade that cited its innovation challenges.

The chain plans to evolve its marketing and product pipeline and rely a lot more on technology.

The company’s restructuring is expected to cost up to $135 million.

The fast-casual chain is adding six items to its New York test kitchen, including milkshakes and avocado tostadas.

In the first episode of Restaurant Business' podcast, "A Deeper Dive," Chipotle's chief restaurant officer details current efforts to improve the chain’s operations.

In the ever-evolving world of restaurant marketing, execs struggle to leverage data—and keep their jobs.

The burrito chain is jumping on the esports bandwagon with its sponsorship of TSM’s "Fortnite" team.