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Del Taco


Jack in the Box puts its company-run Del Taco restaurants up for sale

The company has hired the investment banking firm Cypress Group to market 300 Del Taco restaurants to franchisees.


As conditions stabilize, Jack in the Box sees sales improve

The company, which also owns Del Taco, said sales accelerated at the end of last quarter, while more dining rooms reopen and supply chain disruptions ease.

John Cappasola has stepped down as the chain’s chief executive following its sale to Jack in the Box.

The claims date back a decade. Parent company Jack in the Box, which acquired the taco chain in March, said it anticipated the payout.

The two California-based fast-food chains completed their merger this week. Here’s a look at some of the changes that could come to the taco chain.

The Mexican fast-food chain’s new prototype, opened last month in Orlando, is the centerpiece of a new franchising strategy.

The Bottom Line: At a time when prices are taking off, the Mexican fast-food chain is pushing value hoping to resonate with customers by “zigging when everybody is zagging.”

The company’s "20 Under $2” menu features a large number of new and existing products.

The Bottom Line: The fast-food taco chain has been unable to gain traction with investors since it went public seven years ago and industry trends made a sale likely.

The Bottom Line: The deal signals a shifting market in the restaurant business. But it also demonstrates why executives should reconsider overreacting to activist investors.

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