Del Taco


5 moves restaurant operators made to best the competition

Amid signs that some restaurants are winning back customers, a few well-known players are intensifying their pursuit of an operational edge. Here's a sampling of those efforts.

The Mexican QSR chain is adding a “Buck & Change” menu to give $1 items a place to go when costs force price increases.

Restaurant critics are everywhere. In fact, anyone who dines out fancies him or herself a restaurant critic.

The chain’s president and chief brand officer will take up the post.

No Disneyfied tourist destination, Brooklyn remains a diverse patchwork of old neighborhoods, many of them highly ethnic, each with a distinctive character.

The chain revamped its original The Del Taco signature menu item

The Fernando's brand is one of the original frozen foodservice Mexican brands and dates back to 1982. It includes ready to heat and serve handheld entrees...

The Epic Queso Chicken Burrito and Epic Chipotle Chicken Avocado Burrito are available nationwide starting at $5.

Explore top selling restaurant dishes and why they are successful.

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