Del Taco


Golden oldies get dusted off for new wave of restaurant marketing

The quest for customers is prompting some chains to think retro.


Del Taco debuts 2 new burritos

The Epic Queso Chicken Burrito and Epic Chipotle Chicken Avocado Burrito are available nationwide starting at $5.

During a summer of extremes, what else could we expect but a week of restaurant mosts and leasts? Here's a sampling.

Click through to see the list of consumers’ most-craved restaurant tacos, from Mexican joints to burger chains.

The chain revamped its original The Del Taco signature menu item

Under part-ownership of the Levy family, the Mexican chain added a number of affordable menu items

The Mexican category overall saw sales increase by 0.9% to $18 billion and units by 4.1%, to 12,656.

The chain’s president and chief brand officer will take up the post.

Menu options once treated as sacrosanct are now getting makeovers in hopes of rekindling interest.

Seasonal promotions for fish and shellfish dishes are accelerating at chains.

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