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Denny’s sells 6 more company-owned stores to franchisees

The family-dining chain reports same-store sales growth of 1.3% for Q1.

The family-dining brand, which is in the midst of refranchising, saw a 1.4% comps increase, per a preliminary earnings report.

The family-dining stalwart will be almost entirely franchisee-owned.

The decision could require restaurants to forego the tip credit for side work and untipped activities.

A parade of concepts have embraced the staple as their big customer lure.

The family-dining chain’s newest third-party provider will fuel the growth of Denny’s on Demand.

Keep an eye on the latest food and drink trends that emerged at Winsight’s Restaurant Directions conference.

A marketing blitz will promote the latest step in the chain's ongoing menu overhaul.

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