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Dunkin' Donuts mobile app adds support for Apple's Passbook

Dunkin' Donuts announced its mobile app for iPhone and iPod Touch has added support for Apple's Passbook, allowing people to run on Dunkin’ faster and more conveniently than ever before.


4 new menu items igniting sales

During a difficult time for many restaurant operators, a few are having sales success with new menu items. Here's a sampling of those killer lures.

Difficult times have brought extraordinary measures, including these off-the-wall attention hooks.

Chef Jeff Miller has spent 11 years at Dunkin’ Brands, working under Frankenthaler, the first of what proved to be a parade of fine-dining chefs to enter chain R&D kitchens. Miller will now oversee a 22-person culinary team at the franchisor.

A group of restaurant-chain CEOs offered their advice to the next chief executive as the race moved into the home stretch.

But companies at the ICR Conference reveal the industry’s conflicting challenges regarding sales.

Every doughnut shop would be able by 2016 to cite the mill that provided its palm oil, and, by 2017, the plantations that supplied the mill. The traceability would allay consumers’ fears that the oil originated from what was formerly rain forest.

A new ranking finds plenty of familiar names toward the top of the list.

Several big players are talking about the stretch between lunch and dinner as an opportunity akin to what breakfast afforded a few years ago.

The Philippine company says it will open more than 1,400 stores in China.

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