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This week’s 5 head-spinning moments: Radical transitions

KFC is tinkering with a new health-minded concept, while also testing life as a retailer. And those aren't the only transformations that snared attention.

Consumer Trends

Health wins, snacking grows

Whether touting health halos, all-natural ingredients or entirely new better-for-you menus, chains are using health to keep diners coming back.

Consumers rate the brands they see as the top players in takeout.

These brands not only understand consumers, but are able to turn that knowledge into actionable insights, shifting operations to meet customers where they are.

Until recently, consumers considered Chipotle one of the most trusted limited-service restaurant brands. After its food safety incidents, Chipotle now scores in the bottom six for brand trust.

For a day, we wanted to forget the industry's problems and focus on why restaurants deserve a holiday of their own. Here are three random reasons.

Restaurant trends change year to year, but one thing remains consistent: Service and hospitality are crucial to consumers. This year’s list reveals some shake-ups.

A new ranking finds plenty of familiar names toward the top of the list.

We’ve seen the drive-thru of the future and it is easier, faster and friendlier.

The ranks of restaurants refusing to accept bills and coins is steadily growing, with both one-offs and chain giants testing new ways of speeding service.

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