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Battle escalates to stop N.Y.’s $15 wage

The NRA is trying a new tack.

Bartering is bigger than ever

According to the International Reciprocal Trade Association in Rochester, New York, bartering is bigger than ever.

CHARLOTTE, NC (April 22, 2013)—On Earth Day 2013, Compass Group launched The Million Lb. Challenge, a company-wide commitment to reduce green-house gas...

The Domino’s AnyWare suite has added its ninth platform.

Acute injuries (resulting from a specific accident or event) in this industry have been on the decline, according to the National Restaurant Association. That’s good news, but what’s tougher to measure are the injuries that creep up gradually and tend to get ignored.

For a political sideliner, Phil Kafarakis is playing a heavy role in the industry’s lobbying efforts.

To lighten the chilaquiles recipe for First Watch’s more mainstream, health-minded customers, the fat was cut and fresher in-house ingredients were added.

Need some quick cash for the business? After years of taking a back seat to home equity loans, plastic may be set for a comeback.

Here is a brief look back to see how our 2016 food trend forecast played out.

This article will discuss various negotiating strategies and techniques, which, if followed, should make a negotiator successful in acquisitions. The article...

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