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2016 Top 500 restaurant chains

More than half of the restaurant industry’s $491 billion in sales come from the Top 500 chains. And these giants grew at a modestly stronger rate, both in terms of sales and store counts, than the industry overall. Restaurant Business focused on the leading 250 performers to identify trends for our first-ever special report delivering lessons from Technomic’s annual Top 500 Chain Restaurant Report. This special package includes lessons for all operators from the largest chains by segment, menu category and more.

Consumer Trends

The 10 most craveable chain fries

Customers reveal which restaurant chains’ french fries they deem most likely to spark cravings.

The burger chain with a customizable DIY toppings bar opened a unit with self-ordering kiosks

The deal includes a three-pound burger, a pound of fries and a challenge.

An assistant manager of the Eatzi's in Dallas says a recording shows why she wants $1 million in damages.

The top three burger chains, all QSRs, own two-thirds of the category's sales.

St. Rocco’s, featuring comfort foods like lasagna and ravioli, will be one of five new places set to open in the concept creator’s Trinity Groves incubator.

In our latest roundup of offbeat offerings, french fries gain ground as a garnish, the Whopperito is born, and we dive into the mystery that is the McFloat.

Customers reveal which restaurant chains offer them the most craveable burgers that they can’t get anywhere else in a recent Technomic survey.

Boasts the “world’s greatest hamburgers” that are customizable via self-serve toppings bars

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