Grand Lux Cafe


Cheesecake Factory starts taking reservations

Tables will be set aside on a limited basis for prebookings, a move intended to draw more convenience-driven patrons.

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Grand Lux Cafe

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Social Monk, an Asian fast casual, is scheduled to open next week, with North Italia set to be acquired in Q3 and Flower Child in 2021.

The casual-dining powerhouse has also delayed the launch date of its new fast-casual concept.

In preparation for Mardi Gras, beignets—translated from the French as "fritters"—are showing up more frequently on menus. This airy, deep-fried relative of the all-American donut is a staple in New Orleans' French Quarter. These places offer up their own renditions of the beignet.

Asian fried chicken recipes reign supreme.

This contemporary chain from The Cheesecake Factory serves American fare with a global twist

The polished-casual powerhouse indicated it’s exploring both start-ups and potential growth brands developed by outsiders.

Overall, the varied menu category is flat, up .3% in sales to $23.9 billion and .5% in units to 7,792.

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