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Outback parent bows to an activist investor

Bloomin' Brands agreed to add an industry veteran to its board under an agreement with Jana Partners, one of two shareholders that have been sympathetic to spinning off secondary brands.


How to get a restaurant chain at a discount price

Want a restaurant chain? Find a company selling a secondary concept, says RB's The Bottom Line.

Marcus Tom is named COO as the company overhauls management following the Qdoba sale.

The sale came with activists circling, but forced deals aren’t always the best option.

The Top 500 chains unveiled more than 13,000 limited-time offers in 2017, but only some can be winners with consumers.

Restaurants gave and received their share of aha's. Here's a sampling.

Consumers reveal which chain limited-time offers they are most likely to purchase based on name and description.

Tabitha Burke is responsible for heightening executive leadership, implementing strategies effectively and maintaining day-to-day operations for the association.

Here are some of the industry standouts who died during the past year, and the legacies they left.

Restaurant dealmaking is at its highest level in 11 years. The transactions record could be shattered if these blockbuster acquisitions, already the subjects of Wall Street speculation, should go down.