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Consumer Trends

Battle of the breakfast stars

Limited-service restaurants aren't pulling any punches when it comes to breakfast innovation.

Consumer Trends

The 10 most craveable chain tacos

Click through to see the list of consumers’ most-craved restaurant tacos, from Mexican joints to burger chains.

In September, the chain took on McDonald’s by launching an all-day “Brunchfast” menu

The edgy burger chain that thinks outside of the box for menu and marketing innovation

The top three burger chains, all QSRs, own two-thirds of the category's sales.

Consumers say these restaurant chains provide the best guest pampering.

With goading from investors, franchisees are becoming a force in brand parents' corporate dealings.

Customers rate the best and worst quick-service restaurant chains for bathroom cleanliness in a recent Technomic survey.

Bad financial results have restaurant chain executives citing all kinds of factors for their top- and bottom-line difficulties, from an unexciting football season to high legal fees. Do they have a case? It depends.

As consumers increase their off-premise dining, limited-service operators will continue to study their priorities and habits, as well as borrow ideas from chains who are doing it right.