Jack in the Box

Carl’s Jr.’s new burger tests consumers’ tolerance for higher pricing

With the launch of its new $5.79 third-pound cheeseburger (and $8.29 combo), the QSR ventures where other chains have longed to go—beyond the self-imposed $5 ceiling. But will customers follow?

2014’s best & worst in burgers

The Burger Business blog picks the high and low moments from its turf.

Dunkin’ Donuts is stealing a page out of high-end baker Dominique Ansel’s marketing book, opting to bake a limited number of donut-croissant hybrid confections every day for a premium price of around $2.49 each.

Consumers weren’t part of the audience at FSTec, but their attitudes toward restaurant technology were given voice by a study survey released at the conference by Technomic.

The quick-service chain’s new breakfast additions include a Croissant Donut. Other nods to the trends include a creamy Sriracha sauce, part of a new sausage-packed breakfast burrito that also includes hash browns a la Taco Bell’s Crunchwrap breakfast burrito.

Major restaurant chains—including Starbucks and Taco Bell—are veering into the food truck race. See how this corporate wave is changing the game.

Marketing lines that few restaurants dared to cross are being trampled into oblivion.

From the “wild salmon-ich” at Jason’s Deli and the sourdough cheesesteak melt at Jack in the Box, to the Omni Hotel’s Moroccan-inspired chicken musakhan sandwich featuring chicken thighs, house-made ketchup and a sumac-garam masala spice blend, the sandwich has been re-imagined.

If regulators really want to lessen fast food’s impact on obesity, they should mandate Kenny G playlists and dimmer switches for McDonald’s and the like. Or at least that’s the implication of a new study on ambiance’s influence on calorie consumption.

As part of its "Marry Bacon" campaign to promote a new bacon cheeseburger, West Coast fast food chain Jack in the Box also introduced a new milkshake flavor: Bacon.