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Johnny Rockets


Solving for small storage spaces

As storage space contracts, chains are getting resourceful with everything from shelves to ceiling height and inventory.

2017 Top 500: Varied Menu

Overall, the varied menu category is flat, up .3% in sales to $23.9 billion and .5% in units to 7,792.

If there is a "Mr. Johnny Rockets" within the Johnny Rockets' system, it's got to be Lloyd Sugarman.

The former Johnny Rockets CEO takes the helm at the cafe chain.

From a tech standpoint, “there’s not a great deal of angst.”

But the guest may not interact with much of it. Here, the kitchen is the digital showcase.

John Maguire will serve as president and CEO of both brands.

Chain restaurants are discovering that nostalgia sells.

Offering “The Original Hamburger” and other classic diner fare in a retro setting

The new Johnny Rockets Route 66 formats will include drive-thrus, drive-in theaters, pop-ups and food trucks.

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