Turnaround report: What else is up Ronald McDonald’s sleeve?

All-day breakfast is undeniably a hit. But what are the next tactics in Big Mac's turnaround? Here are a few possibilities.

McDonald’s tests expanded all-day breakfast menu

Though customers decried the McGriddle’s absence from the chain’s all-day offerings, its addition could prove too taxing on franchisees.

Comps soared, driven by breakfast sales.

The new tweak aims to eliminate the bureaucracy that can slow decisions, the home office said.

After chanting for three days in an ashram with the holy man known as Jim Beam, we were rewarded with visions of the restaurant industry’s near-term future.

If the McDonald’s CEO would let me buy him lunch, I bet he’d leave with some steal-able ideas.

The chain is expanding its Taste Crafted menu—as well as table service—across Southern California.

The arrangement is part of a settlement stemming from the franchisor’s alleged policy on green cards.

McDonald’s told investors yesterday that its turnaround program is catching hold while other brands are lopping off stores that drag on their rebounds.

The restaurant chain will have to comply in total with a subpoena that’s already extended to 160,000 pages of material.