McDonald's: Workers to get pay hikes at company-owned stores

The stepup for all hourly employees of company-run restaurants will hike each recipient’s wage at least $1 above the minimum mandated by state or federal law.

McDonald's to test all-day breakfast beginning in April

After years of balking because of operational issues at offering the a.m. menu all day, the burger giant will give it a try next month.

McDonald’s took an unusual tack this week in its quest for greater relevance to consumers, slating 24 publicity stunts and high-profile media events in 24 hours within 24 cities worldwide. The promotional push was called ImLovinIt24.

When Steve Easterbrook assumed the top post at McDonald’s Corp. on March 1, he brought to the job considerable experience in turnarounds and international market dynamics—two areas where his predecessor, Don Thompson, was spotty at best, critics say.

In a bid to win back the public, the burger giant will reportedly announce today that it will phase out its use of chicken treated with antibiotics. The move would force a dramatic change in the nation’s chicken-processing industry, according to the preliminary reports.

On news of same-store sales dropping nearly 1 percent, execs reiterated their pledge to simplify the menu, slow expansion and cater to local tastes.

Lovin' it or hatin' it, consumers continue to dole out mixed reviews for any messaging coming from the burger giant. The latest tug-of-war is over its new "signs" TV spots which drew both positive and negative reviews in social media.

Recently, many big brands have started bringing professionals into the c-suite to head up tech efforts—from security and payment in the age of data breaches to consumer-facing mobile apps.

A 26-unit test in the Southeast is being expanded to 263 stores, Forbes reports.

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