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Consumer Trends

Mascots affect food choices well into adulthood, new study says

Advertising characters such as Ronald McDonald that people have been familiar with since childhood continue to affect food decisions once they become adults.

McDonald’s draws heat for messaging to school kids

Critics say two programs are really marketing campaigns masquerading as do-good efforts.

Fewer than two weeks into testing the item, San Francisco locations have exhausted their supply.

The chain will next month test delivery at 200 Florida units.

Preparation of orders placed through mobile devices will begin when the system detects the patrons premise on site. The guest will be given a choice of how they want to pick up the order.

The Department of Labor has rolled back an effort to make franchisors responsible for franchisees' labor practices and policies.

The speculation about who'll be Steve Ells' successor is already at full throttle. Here are a few of the candidates we think may be in the mix.

Even the pizza chain was startled by the new way that's been blazed to order a pie. And that's only one of the extreme moves that turned heads this week.

After suing the U.S. Food & Drug Administration to compel the regulation of salt content in foods, the Center for Science in the Public Interest is also urging the agency to mandate that restaurants disclose on their menus the sodium content of every item.

Famous Dave's CEO Ed Rensi intends to turn the barbecue concept into a more efficient operation by embracing technology. He provided Restaurant Business with a peek inside the lab for the overhaul, a unit in the Chicago suburbs. Here's what we saw.

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