Famous Dave's high-tech remake

Famous Dave's CEO Ed Rensi intends to turn the barbecue concept into a more efficient operation by embracing technology. He provided Restaurant Business with a peek inside the lab for the overhaul, a unit in the Chicago suburbs. Here's what we saw.

Consumer Trends

56 million served

Winning means looking at what drives Hispanic consumers’ buying decisions. According to research by Univision, at QSRs, here's what Hispanic diners are looking for.

As concepts fight for a foothold in the crowded restaurant industry, determination to be on the cutting edge drives many decisions. These 10 groundbreakers all pushed the envelope during the last 12 months in terms of both design and operation, bending traditions and blurring lines within their typical space to set new directions.

Advertising characters such as Ronald McDonald that people have been familiar with since childhood continue to affect food decisions once they become adults.

Forty years ago there was no expectation that a fast food job would pay a living wage, much less support a household.

Jim Rand, a 32-year veteran of McDonald's who eventually held the title of global chief development officer, was brought into LYFE Kitchen in 2010 to help devise the upstart's real estate strategy.

By the time Mike Roberts and crew teamed up with the branding guru Adrienne Weiss, president of Adrienne Weiss Corporation, they had been pitched over 600 names for their fledging concept.

When McDonald’s starts doing something new, you can bet it’s already part of a mainstream trend. Big Mac doesn’t like to take chances.

The web is buzzing over a just-released finding that New York City’s suspended ban of large soft drinks could encourage rather than temper soda consumption.

Quizno's uses behavior and location to run a successful mobile campaign, the USDA is following their own advice, a restaurant rewards well-behaved kiddos and gets a spot on the Today show, snatching delivery guys' tips to cover fees is a no-no, and McD's is upping the service level down under.