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Turnaround report: What else is up Ronald McDonald’s sleeve?

All-day breakfast is undeniably a hit. But what are the next tactics in Big Mac's turnaround? Here are a few possibilities.

McDonald’s pulls prize from Happy Meals

A device intended to promote kids' health was yanked after some users complained of skin irritation.

The industry abounded in agility and ingenuity this week, smashing some longstanding traditions in the process. And the standout example of a brand that didn't change with the times moved one step closer to possible extinction.

The burger giant has replaced three key leaders in its most crucial market.

During a summer of extremes, what else could we expect but a week of restaurant mosts and leasts? Here's a sampling.

The drinks and doughnuts chain also named a new COO.

The doughnuts-and-coffee specialist is offering two sandwiches at three bargain prices.

The awards recognize excellence in nine segments of the industry, and are the lead-up to the industry’s top honor for an operator, the Gold Plate Award,...

In a bid to win back the public, the burger giant will reportedly announce today that it will phase out its use of chicken treated with antibiotics. The move would force a dramatic change in the nation’s chicken-processing industry, according to the preliminary reports.

The deal will now cost $5 instead of $2.

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