NYC soda cap could prove a boon for bundlers, study finds

The web is buzzing over a just-released finding that New York City’s suspended ban of large soft drinks could encourage rather than temper soda consumption.

McDonald’s promises more sustainability—over time

All 16,000 North American branches will use exclusively eggs from hens living outside of cages, but not for a decade.

All-day breakfast and a new everyday deal are delivering both sales and profit improvements.

The franchisor has shifted more than 300 restaurants off its books, selling to a Saudi group.

The true test of an operation's mettle is how it responds to challenges. These weren't exactly taken from the textbook.

Those of us who have been watching the industry for a long time are still excited about fast casual and its future.

The McCafe Peppermint Mocha and Peppermint Hot Chocolate returned to menus this week.

Higher wages are putting pressure on chains to grow sales in a tough environment.

A combination Mad Cow scares, McDonald's taking a huge share of the domestic beef supply, and increased consumer demand thanks to Dr. Atkins is wreaking havoc with beef prices. Looking for ways to counter the skyrocketing food cost?

Jim Rand, a 32-year veteran of McDonald's who eventually held the title of global chief development officer, was brought into LYFE Kitchen in 2010 to help devise the upstart's real estate strategy.

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