McDonald’s plans rollout of ‘cleaner’ McNuggets: Report

A test of the updated version began just last month.

This week’s 4 head-spinning moments: Sharp left ahead?

Big names in the restaurant business are exploring new avenues for growth. Here's the updated road map.

The restaurant industry has a unique perspective on the immigration issue. The trade is built on immigrants the way the auto industry depends on tires.

The top three burger chains, all QSRs, own two-thirds of the category's sales.

Consumers reveal which chain limited-time offers they are most likely to purchase based on name and description.

The burger giant is introducing the upgrade in waves this spring, with plans for more menu changes soon.

RICHMOND, VA - Performance Food Group here today announced that it anticipates earnings for its second quarter to be in the range of approximately $0.38 to...

As concepts fight for a foothold in the crowded restaurant industry, determination to be on the cutting edge drives many decisions. These 10 groundbreakers all pushed the envelope during the last 12 months in terms of both design and operation, bending traditions and blurring lines within their typical space to set new directions.

Will the burger giant heed investors’ calls to unlock shareholder value by spinning off its U.S. assets?

McDonald's garlic fries are getting the headlines, but a few other chains also are making news with funky fries.

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