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10 Groundbreaking Concepts

10 groundbreaking concepts: 2014

As concepts fight for a foothold in the crowded restaurant industry, determination to be on the cutting edge drives many decisions. These 10 groundbreakers all pushed the envelope during the last 12 months in terms of both design and operation, bending traditions and blurring lines within their typical space to set new directions.

McDonald’s nearing decision on real-estate spinoff

Will the burger giant heed investors’ calls to unlock shareholder value by spinning off its U.S. assets?

McDonald's garlic fries are getting the headlines, but a few other chains also are making news with funky fries.

The past year reaffirmed that tough times bring many changes in restaurant leadership. Here are four of the most dramatic shifts.

5 operators are pairing the bird with more than waffles.

The world’s largest chain by sales has been making “clean” menu tweaks, revamping signatures and increasing its digital efforts

More chains are giving a self-delivery/third-party hybrid a try.

The “W” appears on store logos, online and on uniforms and packaging.

Some call them Millennials, others Generation Y. Most often, they're known as the Echo Boomers. The offspring of the Baby Boom generation, they form the next big wave rolling down America's demographic curve. Born between 1977 and 1995, they number at least 25 million more than Gen X (or the Baby Bust), the cohort that came of age in the 1980s and 1990s.

McDonald's Corp CEO Don Thompson sure could use a break. The head of the world's biggest restaurant chain, who for much of his two years at the helm has been battling to spark sales growth in the United States and Europe, got battered by headline-grabbing bad news in late July.

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