Senate hands restaurants a big victory on labor front

A new general counsel for the NLRB was confirmed yesterday. Peter Robb is seen as much more balanced on labor issues than his predecessor, Robert Griffin.


McDonald's is taking a shot at Chick-fil-A

The rapidly growing chicken concept could be its biggest threat, says RB's The Bottom Line.

If you want to build a recognizable and memorable brand — no matter what your segment or average check size — it's important to give your logo careful thought and attention.

By the time Mike Roberts and crew teamed up with the branding guru Adrienne Weiss, president of Adrienne Weiss Corporation, they had been pitched over 600 names for their fledging concept.

The number of restaurants to offer the item fell from last year, a sign of the chain’s efforts to give markets more power over their menus.

The RB team was all smiles with news of McDonald’s sales recharge—but why?

With consumers prowling stores and the internet for gift ideas, some restaurants are ready with suggestions that could also make their holidays a little happier.

From bold marketing stunts to under-the-radar menu moves, restaurant chains are approaching sustainable business practices in new ways.

Two burger giants recently battled it out with an atypical weapon: cheesy sides.

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