Olive Garden

2017 Top 500: Italian

Italian heavyweight Olive Garden increased sales by 3%, helping to drive the menu category's 1.9% sales growth, to $8.5 billion.


This week’s 4 head-spinning moments: Say what?

Why's an operator cheering a possible upswing in food prices? And has Maine's governor hit on a new way of getting restaurant employees' lobbying help? Those are just some of the questions that were posed by surprising developments of the past week.

For $780 million in cash, the parent of Olive Garden and LongHorn Steakhouse will add a growth chain with familiar management.

No sooner had one arresting development arisen than another quickly followed in its wake, making neck braces an acceptable fashion accessory.

Chains are doubling up on new dollar menus and value meals to spark sales during this slower time of year.

Get ready for the spread of fake news about serving dog and some creative lying by opportunists.

For a day, we wanted to forget the industry's problems and focus on why restaurants deserve a holiday of their own. Here are three random reasons.

Executives attributed the gains to innovations on several fronts.

Can't the places struggling to stay afloat get some relief from regulators and the over-achievers?

Offering 10 times as many unlimited-visit passes as last time did not delay a sellout.