Red Lobster


This week’s 6 head-spinning moments: Surprises. Or not.

Unexpected developments abounded in the restaurant business, from a surge in popularity of hurling hatchets to new revelations about how much some restaurants pay.

Summer wrap-up

There’s still enough of the warm-weather season left to refresh your menu with Asian-inspired salad rolls.

FORT COLLINS, CO (September 15, 2010)—FishChoice.com,a free, online tool, which helps chefs and retailers source more sustainable seafood, is releasing...

Competitors and other observers of casual dining’s high drama may need a chiropractor after this week.

The seafood chain is increasing the size of the shellfish used in a majority of its shrimp offerings.

The chain takes a 180-degree turn from its popular “endless” deal promoting all-you-can-eat shrimp.

A generations-old fishery in Maine is a beacon of creative management and sustainability in an age of overfishing. John Butler steers the Miss Susan IV...

The humble pot pie is not your run-of-the-mill comfort food anymore. Inspired ingredients have given this icon a makeover without losing sight of its homey origins.

Putting a value on Red Lobster isn’t a done deal in the view of some Darden Restaurant shareholders. And the only things sharper than their pencils appear to be their tongues.

But stores will be “opportunistically divested.”

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