Red Lobster

Increasing Productivity - A Case Study in Human Value

No technology was mentioned.This outline for success was deeply seated in senior management's visible commitment to its personnel. Getting completely ahead...

Soft-Shell Crabs

With soft-shell season in high gear during the summer months, restaurant menus are teaming with tempura-battered, cornmeal-crusted, crabby creations.

A revival of the Italian chain is critical to the company’s turnaround. Here are the highlights of the strategy, unveiled to investors last week as they digested some bad financial news.

A network show will blast the chain tonight.

Chefs share their seafood sourcing and plating strategies.Russell Siu—3660 On the Rise, Honolulu, HawaiiPan Seared Mahi Mahi Siu can buy indigenous species...

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After selling Red Lobster, the company says Otis will depart by Dec. 31.

Red Ash will feature pasta and pizza.

In this year of rising food costs, the good news is… shellfish don’t eat grain.

Waitresses take the spotlight this week. Along with a D.C. operator struggling with what to name his new restaurant. And an “upcycling” idea from those crazy guys over at Chipotle.

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