Red Lobster

The other hidden lessons in Red Lobster’s Super Bowl flub

Beyonce provided the chain with an opportunity it didn't seize. But the turn of events should prompt all restaurant leaders to think about a more important issue.

This week's 6 head-spinning moments: Trash talk, restaurant style

Big sales bumps triggered considerable bragging from the overachievers, nerd and non-nerd alive.

A network show will blast the chain tonight.

Social media fans blasted the seafood chain over its response to a shout-out in Beyonce’s newest single.

The epidemic, which was linked to at least four restaurant chains, has reached 39 states and resulted in multiple deaths.

But stores will be “opportunistically divested.”

Restaurants are piggybacking on the day’s bargain-hunting mania with some kind of deal—many of which extend throughout the weekend and the holiday season.

It also pledges transparency about what it serves.

The seafood chain is increasing the size of the shellfish used in a majority of its shrimp offerings.

The emphasis will be on refranchising, not a real estate spinoff.

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