Red Lobster

Eating your way through Milwaukee

Milwaukee may be renowned for beer, bratwurst and hogs (Harley’s, that is), but while its Bavarian and blue collar roots still lend distinctive flavor, the city today is a cosmopolitan destination with much to be savored.

Valentine's Day

Cupid’s famed holiday has great potential to boost restaurant revenues, as couples across the nation seek out romantic dinner spots. From one-day specials to set menus and weekend feasts, operators are creating ways to construct the perfect Valentine experience.

The imminent departure of Darden CEO Clarence Otis hasn’t silenced one of the company’s most vocal critics.Starboard Value said it would forge ahead with plans to win control of the board.

With many competitors featuring hot dogs this summer, the king of burgers is reviving brats after a long hiatus.

Grownup versions of the childhood comfort food—macaroni and cheese—bring back nostalgic pleasures to restaurant diners. This American blue-box classic is being plated in more sophisticated ways on menus everywhere.

Fine-dining restaurants and upscale food vendors, typically wary of participating in online deal programs, are taking a careful look at LivingSocial Gourmet, LivingSocial’s invitation-only channel for food-savvy consumers.

The fried fish sandwich is a staple in limited service, but few chains have taken a deeper dive.

With flat sales and unit growth (0.4% and -0.9%, respectively), the small seafood segment of the 2016 Top 500 ranking overall is treading water.

SALT LAKE CITY,UT (June 25)—At Nicholas & Company's foodshow earlier this month, products and educational sessions were onlypart of the draw. Another big...

August 15, 2012 would have been Julia Child’s 100th birthday. In commemoration of this milestone, restaurants around the country are celebrating with special menus, toasts, events and promotions. As Julia would say, “life itself is the proper binge,” so bon appetit!

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