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Red Lobster

Darden closes $2.1B sale of Red Lobster

The sale of the casual-dining granddaddy was closed today for $2.1 billion.

The other hidden lessons in Red Lobster’s Super Bowl flub

Beyonce provided the chain with an opportunity it didn't seize. But the turn of events should prompt all restaurant leaders to think about a more important issue.

Some restaurateurs are taking the locavore movement to a whole new level by giving local purveyors an ownership stake in their business. Agraria—the Washington, D.C. restaurant representing the 39,000-member North Dakota Farmer’s Union—made headlines with its 2006 debut, but smaller-scale operations are showing up across the country.

During Lent, crowds of diners stay away from red meat on Fridays, while others give it up for a full 40 days until April 7—the Saturday before Easter Sunday. To cater to the observant, many eateries are swapping out meat for fish and adding specific Lenten menu items.

With a fight for board seats about to begin, the casual-dining company is sending its side of the story to shareholders.

Listings intended to indulge chefs' moods at the moment, a Japanese tradition, are appearing in a broad range of restaurants.

Thinly sliced fish traditionally served raw with sea salt and lemon juice, crudo is Italian in origin but is now being fused with an assortment of global flavors. Restaurants nationwide are even featuring crudo sections on the menu to promote the fresh simplicity of this appetizer.

Two big, fancy ideas this week that most restaurants can't pull off. One great idea from a chain that usually doesn't do this kind of thing. One really, really bad idea. And a good rule of thumb for any new restaurant.

Citing the possibility of layoffs, a group of 7,000 employees is threatening to take action before the shareholder meeting of Darden Restaurants if officials of the Olive Garden parent and a dissident shareholder, Starboard Value, won’t meet with it.

The casual chain has received funding from one of its suppliers.

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