Sonic promotes Claudia San Pedro to president

The company also promoted Corey Horsch to CFO and elected a new director.


This week’s 5 head-spinning moments: Making restaurants great again

When the happy talk is all about taxes, you know this was a good spell for restaurants. Also on the plus side: a cover-up for breastaurants, a lovefest for the big burger chains and bitcoins make an inroad.

The chain expects as much as a 10-percentage-point improvement in its tax rate, thanks to reform.

The limited-time offerings include deals on its Lil' Burritos and Double Feature.

And how restaurants are convincing staff to stick around against all odds.

What regional chicken recipe could be the next big hit at chains?

Experts say the hacking could be one of the largest to date.

Facebook’s 360 photos and videos allow brands to give users a more interactive and immersive social media experience.

Consumers reveal which limited-time offers they are most likely to order based on the name and description.

During a summer of extremes, what else could we expect but a week of restaurant mosts and leasts? Here's a sampling.

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