Where’s the beef? QSRs pushing chicken, pork

With few exceptions, the largest fast-food burger chains are turning their promotional spotlights this fall on choices featuring pork or chicken.

Sonic is counting on tech to bolster comp sales

The drive-in chain says new digital menus and a next-generation POS system will enable stores equipped with the new technology to outsell the rest of the system. Not coincidentally, it’s currently asking franchisees to install the devices.

After more than 60 years in business, Sonic adds an indoor prototype for cold-weather markets.

July 4th brings out legions of hot dog fans—some of whom cook their own on an outdoor grill, while others seek out the best at local eateries. These places offer up their own iconic versions.

Millennials continue to exert influence on the world of beverages. They like their drinks on the sweet side and they like lots of choices. Suppliers have gotten the message and responded with specialty beverages aimed at that finicky demographic.

Come April 17, consumers across the country can release a tax-free sigh of relief over a celebratory discounted meal. A number of large chains and smaller indy restaurants are offering special breaks on what some customers consider the nation’s most dreaded day: Tax Day.

The quest for better burgers isn’t leaving the bun behind.The sandwich upgrades underway at several quick-service chains focus as much on the bread as...

SECAUCUS, N.J. (March 28, 2011 - BusinessWire)—Panasonic Solutions Company published a new case study highlighting the successful deployment of a...

Unless you have a '50s-themed restaurant, juke boxes and sock hops don't meet the modern entertainment desires of customers that are used to loud noises,...

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