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Bernie Sanders has a hot seat waiting for Starbucks' Howard Schultz

Working Lunch: Sanders may indeed be able to compel a Senate appearance by the outgoing chain CEO, but that's just one of the issues that Starbucks faced in the last week or so.


Bernie Sanders moves to subpoena Howard Schultz

The pro-labor senator says he's tired of being ignored by the Starbucks interim CEO and wants an accounting of the chain's response to a unionization drive.

Working Lunch: The CEO is quick to shift responsibility to societal trends. So why is the brand making so many operational changes?

The Bottom Line: Starbucks’ new line of coffee is infused with olive oil, after Interim CEO Howard Schultz tried the combination in Italy. Now the company has to convince its customers that the combination works.

The company has high hopes for Oleato, which will debut in Italy before it comes to the U.S. this year. Starbucks believes it will be a "transformational innovation in coffee."

The famously liberal U.S. senator has asked the coffee chain CEO to appear before a Senate committee and answer questions about Starbucks’ handling of an organizing drive.

Restrictions and a COVID surge in December hammered sales in the Seattle-based coffee chain's second-biggest market. But Starbucks still has big plans for the country.

The Seattle-based coffee chain’s average weekly sales hit a record last quarter as people came in more often and spent more money when they did.

The coffee giant’s “CEO elect,” who takes over the full-time job in April, received a sign-on bonus and stock awards. Howard Schultz, the interim CEO, was paid $1.

The staff of a store in Northern California has voted to be represented by the same union group that's been organizing Starbucks.

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