Get ready for menu labeling

If you’re not posting nutritional information at your restaurant now, you will be soon. Here’s what to expect in this brave new world of calorie counting.

Hot Chocolate Take Two

With the mercury dipping to new lows this month, hot cups of cocoa offer deliciously welcome relief from the cold. These are some of the places that are enticing chilly customers with variations on hot chocolate.

The announcement of college opportunities for employees quickly turned controversial when news reports revealed that Starbucks may not actually pay for baristas’ classes at ASU. Here’s how Starbucks is positioning the new program, straight from its website.

After generating plenty of buzz (and sales) with limited edition luxury items for the last two holiday seasons, Starbucks is selling a sterling-silver keychain fob this year as a gift possibility. The gift card is loaded with a $50 credit for Starbucks products.

She will be succeeded as CMO by Cabela’s alumnus Lee Dolan.

To keep up with the pace of busy customers, Starbucks rolled out a pared-down, no-frills prototype on Wall Street in late April.

Here are some of the key lessons you missed if you weren’t at FSTEC this week.

The restaurateur says he wants to pay staff at his new Momofuku Nishi concept a “living wage.”

A former partner of the coffee giant has opened its first U.S. cafe.

Howard Schultz's attention will be focused on store innovation and global development, according to a securities filing.

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