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Trump fans pick a fight with Starbucks baristas

A social media movement is trying to get "Trump" written upon request on customers' cups. If a staff member refuses, they're shamed in posted videos.


This week’s 4 head-spinning moments: Say what?

Why's an operator cheering a possible upswing in food prices? And has Maine's governor hit on a new way of getting restaurant employees' lobbying help? Those are just some of the questions that were posed by surprising developments of the past week.

Unilever has purchased the brand, which Starbucks bought in 1999.

Chairman Howard Schultz says, “There would be no Starbucks of today” without Smith.

Check out menus from restaurants featured in the June issue of Restaurant Business magazine.

Six top business leaders describe how to create and sustain companies with purpose.

An early user tries the Panera 2.0 mobile set-up, which enables customers to order up to five days in advance or bypass the cashiers to order and pay from their tables.

Apple announced something that could be a game changer for the restaurant industry and retailers: Apple Pay. “The vision is to replace the wallet. And the starting point is payments,” says Apple CEO Tim Cook.

An assessment of the Starbucks CEO’s political sensibilities provides some lessons on his business style.

The coffee giant announced the winners of its employee cup design contest, which launched earlier this year to boost staff engagement with the brand.

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