Watchdog group hits subway over ads

A self-described ethical watchdog group is calling on Subway to halt its "Choose Well" advertising campaign that highlights the sandwich chain's low-fat offerings.

Meet the missions

If a restaurant is meeting its mission statement, shouldn’t you be able to identify the brand by that statement? See if you can match these chains with their defining documents.

"Inspired Mexican" is what Bajio calls its sophisticated take on made-to-order fast-casual fare, with marinated meats, "amazing flavors" and gentle spicing. Owned by Fred De Luca's Franchised Brands, LLC, headed by former Subway real estate executives, Bajio is scouting lifestyle centers and downtown sites. Ten new units will open soon in Utah, Florida, Washington, Kentucky, Idaho and California, part of a total 45 new units this year, says Director of Operations Bonnie El Halta.

The franchisor told the media it has no record of a franchisee’s warnings about the behavior of former spokesman Jared Fogle. The former CEO of Subway’s ad co-op told the AP he had no knowledge, either.

Although the deal is just a memory, fans will never forget that painfully catchy jingle—try as they might.

A loudspeaker isn’t the only way they’re getting brand messages across.

Some restaurateurs ban cell phones, while others allow them. But how does the public feel?

DALLAS (September 29, 2011)—Maines Paper & Food Service Inc., headquartered in Conklin, NY, will begin construction on a 400,000-square-foot distribution...

Looting and vandalism have hit some stores hard, but it's the sustained loss of foot traffic that's hurting eateries like Subway and Quiznos in the protests following the death of unarmed teen Michael Brown.

A different way of setting store-level benchmarks helped Bob Evans Farms cut its manpower requirements last quarter by 125,000 labor hours and $600,000.

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