Tim Hortons


Burger King’s owner finds the U.S. a tough market

Domestic same-store sales for the burger chain, Popeyes and Tim Hortons all fell in the third quarter.


Franchisee tensions bubble to the surface

McDonald’s and Jack in the Box show operators’ growing discontent amid weak sales and high costs, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

This week’s edition of the RB podcast "A Deeper Dive" examines disputes at Tim Hortons, Subway, Applebee’s and others.

The Canadian chain took over four restaurants owned by the president of the Great White North Franchise Association.

The company is also working to improve relations with operators in a bid to lift its sales in Canada.

Operators accuse the system of improper charges and placing restrictions on their ability to sell their restaurants.

The brand plans to open 1,500 units in the country over the next decade.

He will oversee communications, strategic growth and franchisee relations for Restaurant Brands International.

Utterances had intent listeners doing a double take. Here's why heads were turned.

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