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Village Inn

Guru of marketing

Restaurant marketing is not about handing out coupons or writing scripts for radio advertisements.

Consumer Trends

Consumers' favorite chains

Find out which chain restaurants reigned supreme—and what they’re doing right.

Encouraged by a strong economy, restaurant chains are growing with confident—if somewhat conservative—steps.

Hazem Ouf doesn’t profess to have all the answers for reviving restaurant organizations, even after snatching the likes of Village Inn, Max & Erma’s and O’Charley’s from the ICU.

Jeffrey Chodorow, Laren Gartner, Edna Bayliff, George Katakaldis, Rick Doody, John Metz, JR. Six very different entrepreneurs on the lessons, the labors and the passions of the restaurant life.

The parody pop-up, originally named Ruth Krishna’s Tandoori Steakhouse, is rebranding as Randy Krishna’s.

But there is one big difference: while matrimony is all about maintaining a healthy relationship with another person, being married to a business is all...

More than half of the restaurant industry’s $491 billion in sales come from the Top 500 chains. And these giants grew at a modestly stronger rate, both in terms of sales and store counts, than the industry overall. Restaurant Business focused on the leading 250 performers to identify trends for our first-ever special report delivering lessons from Technomic’s annual Top 500 Chain Restaurant Report. This special package includes lessons for all operators from the largest chains by segment, menu category and more.

The strategic location of Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria along the NorthAfrican coast has played a major role in their culinary legacy.Although the three...

A chain serving up American comfort food and signature pies

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