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Customers’ top service picks

Consumers say these restaurant chains provide the best guest pampering.


7 burgers rocking the menu right now

Competition between the buns heats up as operators raise their game to win customers.

Big sales bumps triggered considerable bragging from the overachievers, nerd and non-nerd alive.

Potholes, dead ahead! The first two days of the Restaurant Leadership Conference brought to light a number of looming problems--as well as some possible solutions.

McDonald's garlic fries are getting the headlines, but a few other chains also are making news with funky fries.

The normally well-behaved restaurant industry sank deeply into snark in recent weeks, bashing one another in hopes of drawing favorable notice.

The burger giant said it has completed the leadership transition announced last fall. Here's who is now in charge.

A quick-service chain with fresh, never-frozen hamburgers that's aiming to make stores welcoming

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