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While that was not as many feared, it was more than some projected after dining room closures led to widespread industry shutdowns last year, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

The $1.9 billion American Rescue Plan, which features grants to restaurants in need, overcame a key challenge over the weekend.

Sysco, US Foods and Performance Food Group all argue that the death of the local restaurants is greatly exaggerated, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

As the restaurant industry changes, the distributors that supply it face changes and a lot of complexities.

A Florida operator is asking the high court to consider what constitues "physical damage."

The coronavirus pandemic, restaurant shutdowns and their impact dominated headlines this year and will change the industry for good.

The National Restaurant Association is pressing federal and state officials to remember that employees are regarded as essential workers and should be high on the list of recipients.

The PPP would be restarted, and business would be protected from some COVID-related lawsuits.

The National Restaurant Association said industry sales plunged 34% last month, and 100,000 locations could close in 2020.

The assessment applies to outdoor as well as indoor dining, and calls for measures to offset the inability of diners to wear masks while eating

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