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The coffee giant is delaying the expiration of its “Stars” for loyalty members through April 1 amid continued challenges due to omicron.

Reality Check: Sure, complying with Biden's mandate would have cost time, money and aggravation. But might the alternative be even worse?

Hours after the Supreme Court struck down a mandate that employees of large companies be vaccinated against COVID-19, the U.S. Department of Labor indicated it would urge companies to make the move on their own volition.

Take this test to see if you've thought of everything that could be involved.

While the U.S. Supreme Court deliberates, the state is mandating compliance, starting Feb. 24.

Under Gov. Newsom's proposals, PPP and RRF aid would not be taxed, but paid leave would be reinstated.

The first Portillo’s Pick Up location, with a triple drive-thru, is slated to open Feb. 1 in Joliet, at a time in which the newly public fast casual is looking for ways to trim its labor usage and its geographic footprint.

More evidence says the latest surge is hurting sales, but analysts and executives are expecting more of a “bump in the road” this time.

Reality Check: And—surprise, surprise—some of them are good news for an industry that’s taken its lumps.

Working Lunch: Mike Whatley, VP of state affairs and grassroots advocacy, discusses the industry’s key issues. Also, President Biden’s vaccine mandates, actions by governors and mayors.

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