With its own national day of observance—August 10—the legacy of S’mores steadfastly lives on in the hearts and mouths of generations. But this beloved crunchy-sweet treat is not just for campfires anymore. From fine dining to on-the-go, the venerated graham cracker-toasted marshmallow-melted chocolate trifecta continues to inspire desserts fit for summer. Even these hotels are keeping the fires hot so their guests will come back for S’more…

Chebeague Island Inn
Chebeague Island, Maine
An outdoor fire pit features an exclusive Fire Pit Menu that includes a “Make-Your-Own-S’mores” kit. Other Fire Pit Menu items include Dogs on a Stick, Truffled Popcorn, Hand-cut Fries, and a Bucket O’Beers.

La Posada de Santa Fe
Santa Fe, New Mexico
The menu at Fuego! Restaurant features a fresh take on Latin cuisine and the iconic campsite snack. Every Tuesday evening, S’mores are served at the outdoor fireplace of this desert oasis so guests can indulge while they listen to live Latin music on the patio.

The Tides Inn
Irvington, Virginia
This resort provides mouth-watering recipes to create the perfect S’more. The eclectic recipe collection includes the traditional S’mores that we know and love and the “Elvis S’more” complete with peanut butter and bananas.

Omni Bedford Springs Resort
Bedford, Pennsylvania
Fully stocked S’mores kits are available at this resort’s tavern so guests can build their own treats after roasting their marshmallows in the outdoor fire pit.

Enchantment Resort
Sedona, Arizona
The new in-room dining menu of this stylish Southwestern resort offers all of the accompaniments for a private cookout, finished with a S’mores.


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