Snapshot: Fast forward

Americans just can’t seem to slow down their fast food consumption; even health-conscious consumers are choosing quickservice meals. Despite constant industry criticism, these stats show that there is nothing passé about food on the go.

Fast food is still in vogue

•Over half the population eats fast food once a week

•20% of the population eats fast food at least every other day

•Amount the average American spends annually on fast food: $500

Power lunch on the fly

•Of those polled, high-income men under 40 ate fast food the most frequently
•Average income of high-
frequency consumers polled: $67,575
•Convenience is the main reason consumers choose fast food

It’s a family affair
•52% of fast food visits are with family members
•23% of these family visits are with children under 18

Healthy in a hurry
•Fast food chain frequenters react positively to healthy menu options
•Women and high-income consumers are most likely to buy fast food with nutritional claims 

“While the stereotype of a typical fast food customer may be that of a couch potato, our research found the opposite to be true,” says Alexander Kleijingeld, vice president of client services for Research International in Chicago, the source of the study. “High frequency fast food users are more involved and more active than the average consumer.”

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