Blount Fine Foods

Blount Fine Foods

The consumer trend: Dining out is a treat, a special experience. Blount satisfies consumer expectations with premium-quality soups, side dishes and sauces that enhance your restaurants’ sales and profits. Blount makes it easy and labor-saving with, for example, boil-in-a-bag gourmet soups in wide-ranging inspired varieties that taste as fresh as if made in your own kitchen. And, Blount is always ready to partner with you to create your own custom recipes.

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Soup’s on: Fall LTOs to warm up menus

To keep things interesting, operators should consider offering seasonal soup LTOs—offerings that incorporate the flavors of fall and winter—to entice diners.


4 ways to lean into fall and winter with LTOs

Don’t underestimate the importance of innovation: according to Technomic, women and millennials consider it a key factor when deciding where to eat. Here’s a look at how to play into the seasonality of fall and winter with LTOs.

Here are four ways that restaurant operators can feel confident they’re serving something for everyone.

Work with Blount to solve your menu needs around gourmet soups, sauces, side dishes and entrees, and worry less about difficult challenges you face in today’s environment.

Soup has traditionally been served mainly as a starter or side, but as soups gain more substance, they’re increasingly becoming the star of the show.

For operators looking to boost sales by offering warm, comforting foods, be sure to keep these ideas in mind.

Three ways to accomplish both goals are relying on versatile ingredients, leaning on speed-scratch options and adding finishing touches with impact.

Operators that want to satisfy the growing appetite for to-go meals may need to rethink their approach.