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Good for business: A flu season plan of attack

Restaurants are a hot spot for the transmittal of flu germs. Operators need to take extra measures to maintain a healthy environment when flu virus is active.


Sustainable and Off-premise Brands Study

Restaurant Business invites you to take our brief survey on sustainable and off-premise brands.

Every time another outbreak makes headlines, that should reinforce the importance of adopting an effective cleaning and sanitizing protocol. Experts offered tips on some strategies for preventing outbreaks.

Restaurants generate a lot of waste—up to 22% of what’s found in landfills, according to some estimates. Food waste, paper waste, plastic straws, bottles, cans and to-go ware add up to mountains of discarded material that too often end up in landfills.

Providing booster seats, high chairs and bathroom changing tables, designing a kid-friendly menu and providing coloring books at the table: Those are all smart ideas for operators that want to attract...

With each new kiosk, tabletop and handheld touchscreen device introduced in a restaurant, the opportunities for contamination have multiplied. Yet these high-tech tools often fail to get the same sanitation attention as other equipment and surfaces.

Some suggestions for making sure the facilities leave a favorable impression.

Five pillars of sustainability that restaurants can ascribe to for reducing waste, using resources more efficiently and streamlining their environmental footprint across the operation.

Given patrons’ increasing preference for restaurants that demonstrate sustainable practices, many owners and operators are eager to improve their sustainability footprint.

Operators are employing several strategies to help increase delivery check averages.

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