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New technology raises sanitizing concerns

With each new kiosk, tabletop and handheld touchscreen device introduced in a restaurant, the opportunities for contamination have multiplied. Yet these hi-tech tools often fail to get the same sanitation attention as other equipment and surfaces.


The forgotten restaurant restroom that patrons won’t forgive

By now, the correlation between dirty restrooms and unhappy guests is well-established: Countless surveys have shown that restaurants are especially at risk of losing customers if they don’t stay on t...

Given patrons’ increasing preference for restaurants that demonstrate sustainable practices, many owners and operators are eager to improve their sustainability footprint.

Operators are employing several strategies to help increase delivery check averages.

Providing customers with a high-quality product is easier to accomplish in house. But when delivery enters the equation, several steps can help ensure the same level of quality.

There are a number of challenges that operators face when scaling their off-premise offerings. Here’s some tips on how to combat them and succeed.

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