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Consumer Trends

5 high-impact summer promotions

Check out these hacks for maximizing warm-weather sales.

Here are five of the top trends in guest engagement that restaurants can use to get to know more of their guests, keep them active with the brand, and encourage repeat visits.

Here are some great techniques that can be built into loyalty programs to boost guest activity and ROI for brands.

Join us to learn more about Chipotle’s efforts in improving the guest experience and how you can do the same.

Gain insights from one of the top performing programs in the industry, that can be applied to your brand.

Struggling with shrinking same-store sales numbers? You’re not alone. Here are tactics for getting people into your restaurants more frequently.

Here's how to make the decisions that will reap fast results and get the sleep you deserve.

Gift card programs are beneficial for top-line revenue, but at the same time, they can become a drain on accounting resources and add friction to franchisee relationships.

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