Pierce Chicken

Pierce Chicken

Chicken makes up a quarter of revenue for most foodservice operations today. It’s an essential ingredient to your success. That’s why selecting the right supplier is critical. Choose Pierce Chicken® for products that are always in great taste.

Melvin Pierce started his company in 1951 with one goal, to bring innovative, pre-cooked chicken products to foodservice. Together with Del Hester, they created the first fully cooked fried chicken and developed the best-selling fully cooked wing in history. Today, we at Pierce Chicken are still driven to bring innovative new products to foodservice operators. But we don’t pursue innovation just to stay busy. We understand that your customers are looking for more than a meal, they’re looking for an eating experience. That’s why we work hard to bring you products that will set your menu apart and bring customers back time and again.

If you’re ready for a roll-up-the-sleeves partner that’s as essential to your business as chicken is to your menu, we welcome your call. 

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