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We all know today’s foodservice consumer is craving real foods and making much more informed choices. And Simplot has more of the diverse foods they desire, helping you nurture their needs and your business. We’ve stayed true to our founder’s roots to deliver a market-leading lineup of relevant, delicious foods you can trust—all backed by over 80 years of proven foodservice expertise. Starting from the invention of the first commercial french fry and continuing to this day, we deliver a market-leading lineup of relevant, delicious foods.

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4 reasons why fries dominate restaurant menus

“You want fries with that?” has become a catchphrase for a reason. Regardless of cuisine type, occasion or meal part, there’s a way to incorporate french fries into a dish to instantly make it all the more craveable.


Ghost kitchens are here to stay—here’s how to make the most of the model

The booming foodservice delivery industry provided tailwinds for ghost kitchens to grow in recent years, but amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the model is more profitable than ever.

One of the best ways to create memorable experiences is through differentiated menu offerings that stand out from the crowd with their quality and craveability.

Operators can enhance fries with a number of ingredients and toppings to attract variety-seeking consumers as well as increase their own profitability.

Adding even a few natural ingredients into dishes can help meet consumer demands.

For operators, nothing is more important than guest satisfaction—it’s the difference between traffic-boosting positive reviews and negative scores on online sites such as Yelp. Restaurant operators ne...

With local specialties and over-the-top treats ruling, developing signature versions of staples like hot dogs, popcorn and fries is a great way to drive business.

Here’s a look at how some creative operators are menuing avocado in salads and in dressings.

Often, small but meaningful tweaks can help operators create better-for-you items that are still craveable.

Widespread availability of fry options means that for operators to stand out, it’s key to offer a signature twist.