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Sweet Street Desserts

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Doubling down on dessert

Like cookies and milk and coffee and donuts, desserts and beverages have a long-standing symbiotic relationship. As the nation’s snack-centric culture evolves, savvy operators are creating more ways for this relationship to flourish—and it’s paying off.

Consumer Trends

3 sweet dessert trends

From the simple and nostalgic to the spicy and sophisticated, here are three delicious macro-trends for 2016.

Traditionally, desserts have been the final course of dinner, but as snacking patterns have emerged, and as bakery-cafes and coffee houses have created new mini-meal occasions, desserts are having a renaissance.

Chocolate does it all on dessert menus: It never stops being an indulgent, comforting favorite, yet today’s pastry chefs are finding ways to give it edginess and heat. For operators, finding innovative flavor combinations and presentations that highlight chocolate’s complex flavor profile can be a point of differentiation.

Catering, especially for corporate settings, is a way for big chains to grow within existing footprints and for smaller restaurants to build their brands and grow at a good pace.

Here are a few strategies for catering to diners' dietary restrictions and preferences.

At fine-dining concept White Barn Inn in Kennebunkport, Maine, the prix fixe menu changes daily, but it always ends in grand style.For a recent dessert...

Diners are increasingly shifting toward desserts from another era, putting nostalgic desserts in the spotlight.

Simple ingredients can add up to wow-worthy desserts, thanks to creative presentation, menuing and marketing.

‘Tis the season for all of those comforting fall and winter flavors that evoke memories of holidays with family and friends.

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