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Sweet Street Desserts

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Sweets to Savor

Pastry chefs are finding more ways to strike the balance between sweet and savory flavors.


Sweet things in moderation

Over the years, portion control has influenced some restaurant dessert menus, where mini cupcakes and bite-sized ice cream sandwiches appeal to diners who want to indulge without going overboard.

To capitalize on the all-things-in-moderation approach, operators are offering fixed-price dessert flights for diners to mix, match and share.

As eating patterns shift away from three rigid meals-per-day to anytime eating, sweet treats are finding new ways and times to shine.

Customization can bring new interest to the sweets consumers know and love—and they can spell opportunity for operators, too.

When it comes to balancing comfort and innovation on the dessert menu, operators should balance their brand identity with what consumers clamor for

Diners can have the best of both worlds when desserts are built off basic foundations and finished with flavorful sauces, toppings and extras.

When it comes to restaurant dessert trends, 2016 holds both something old and something new.

Whether booze-free or spiked, desserts get even better when they spend a little time in the blender.

As dessert moves into more settings and becomes its own eating occasion, operators are finding new ways to ensure sweets don’t get lost in the fast lane.

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