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T. Marzetti® Foodservice

T. Marzetti® Foodservice

Our rich foodservice heritage dates all the way back to 1896 when Italian immigrant Teresa Marzetti opened her first restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. She knew then what we still believe today: Great tasting food is what patrons remember and come back for. Count on Marzetti® Foodservice for quality dressings, frozen pasta and breads, along with the innovative ideas to set your menu apart.

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3 classic salads to put back on the menu

Diners are seeking meals with fresh, clean ingredients, and salads certainly fit that bill. Lately, there’s been an increased interest in three classic preparations. Here’s how chefs are reinventing them.


Restaurants add a little sizzle with grilled and roasted preps

From Mediterranean plancha cooking to bona fide pitmaster grilling, the art of roasting food over a heat source is a celebrated culinary tradition.

American diners put ranch dressing on everything from French fries to pizza.

Barbecue sauce isn’t just for grilled meat anymore. Try these four innovative ideas to sauce up your offerings.