Suggestions for recruiting and developing future foodservice executives

Restaurant employee retention and development requires smart policies
Good promotion policies include job descriptions, career advancement paths, educational support and development opportunities, as well as performance evaluations and above-market wages.

{mosimage}Here's a list to get you started:

  • Have a policy to promote from within. Start conveying your intentions from the very beginning. Your help wanted ads, job application, and interviewing techniques should all reflect your commitment to providing a career, not just a job.
  • Applications should include examples of career advancement paths. We've created a sample cover letter and application form to download and offer to all prospective employees.
  • Written job descriptions should include pay grade scales
  • Each job description should have written and demonstration tests. Employees should know exactly what skills they need to master to be promoted. Customizable job descriptions are available through our on-line product catalog.
  • Offer opportunities for employees to develop outside their job description. This may include financial support or scheduling priority for employees attending ESL classes, culinary courses at community college, or approved activities. This benefits you, too.
  • Have a formal Management Development Program. Help employees build an impressive resume that will advance them to the higher paying positions and career opportunities you offer.
  • Give regular performance evaluations with specific and meaningful feedback on how to improve skills. A customizable version is available through our on-line product catalog.
  • Pay above-market wages to attract and keep good people. It's more rewarding and lots more fun to work with winners. Count on your employees to help one another advance. After all, no one can do it alone.

To use a sports metaphor, your restaurant is your farm team. Every one of those World Champion Boston Red Sox players was on somebody's little league team. Start a successful foodservice career program and grow your own world championship foodservice team.


Bill Main is a nationally-recognized author, consultant and speaker. His company, Bill Main & Associates, specializes in strategic growth plans for foodservice entrepreneurs. For information on how you can grow your top line revenues through innovative marketing, menu, leadership and training systems, visit www.billmain.com.

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