Sweet corn

The season for local sweet corn will sadly near its end soon in the cooler parts of the country. But there's still time to capture the essence of the deliciously crisp yellow and white kernels in summery preps. And southern sweet corn will be around through the fall.

Num Pang Sandwich Shop
New York, NY    
Grilled corn on the cob, chili mayo, coconut flakes, chili powder; $2.50

The Feed Store Restaurant
Atlanta, GA
Aerated corn bisque, candied almonds; $6

Philadelphia, PA
Sea scallops, corn, rooftop-lemon balm, grapefruit, pasilla chile; $NA

San Franscisco, CA
Grilled Californian king salmon, creamed white corn, Meyer lemon gremolata; $26

Chez Panisse
Berkeley, CA
Grilled Elliott Ranch lamb, pimentón, roasted peppers, sweet corn, squash blossoms; Part of 4-course tasting menu; $80


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