Sysco Begins Pilot Test of iTradeNetwork

Noting the critical nature of contract management to foodservice companies, Larry G. Pulliam, executive vice president of merchandising services of the Houston-based distributorship, said in the announcement, "In the past years we have been impressed with iTradeNetwork's forward-looking eBusiness solutions and product strategies. We are now ready to begin a pilot with iTradeNetwork's Contract and Rebate Solution with a selected number of suppliers."

Through this application, proof of purchase data will be automatically correlated with contract terms and the associated reconciliation information immediately calculated. According to iTradeNetwork, CaRMA provides on-demand electronic communication, validation and synchronization of Contract and performance data among foodservice manufacturers, distributors, operators and brokers, resulting in timely and accurate payments as well as lower administrative costs on rebates, billbacks and programs

"ITN is excited about the pilot of our CaRMA solution with Sysco and the production roll out of CaRMA with other leading companies in the food industry. Thanks to the leadership of companies such as Sysco and many of the 35-plus other companies that participated in our Foodservice Customer Advisory Council, CaRMA has undergone months of rigorous development and testing. CaRMA will bring significant value and cost savings to Operators, Distributors, and Manufacturers/Suppliers of all sizes," said Robert Bonavito, ceo.


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